Tri clamp connectors

Tri Clamp adapters are quick connectors used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and bio industries. The connection makes it possible to connect parts of process lines of different sizes and equipped with different ends to each other. They are easy and quick to install and especially to keep clean. The connectors are especially well suited for work environments with a demanding level of hygiene. The Tri Clamp connection is therefore a very common connection model Grocery– and in beverage factories, such as breweries.

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The benefits of the Tri Clamp connection

Clean process lines and high equipment hygiene are mandatory in the food industry. The Tri Clamp connection has numerous benefits that explain its popularity in the food industry and allow it to meet the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry.

Due to the structure of the Tri Clamp connectors, there are no holes or gaps where, for example, food residues could easily remain, which could thus serve as breeding grounds for microbes. Thus, this type of connectors is very easy to clean, which makes them a good and practical option for the needs of industry that requires a high level of hygiene.

The connectors are made to be cleaned without disassembling them, but due to the simple structure of the connectors, disassembly is also quick and effortless if necessary.



It is important to choose the right size Tri Clamp to ensure it works efficiently and for its intended purpose. One of the following options is often used to select the right size connector. The inner diameter of the hose end can be conveniently measured with a caliper, so you know how to choose the right size hose spindle for the connector.

If it is necessary to replace the existing flange with a new flange of the same size, it is recommended to measure the outer diameter of the flange with a caliper. You can easily check the size by comparing the seal to the hose. The inner diameter of the seal and the hose must be the same size.

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Connection installation

Due to the quick connection, the connector is very easy and quick to install. The Tri Clamp connector consists of two flanges/flanged ends/sleeves, a gasket and a collar/clamp. The Tri Clamp connection is installed using a flange connection. A food-grade rubber, silicone or Teflon seal is often used between the flanges. The connection is secured with a clamp/clamp and is further tightened by hand.

Before tightening the collar, it is important to make sure that the gasket is properly attached to the surfaces of both flanges. Once the gasket is in place, the collar should be loosened so that it can be placed around the ends of the flange. Both ends must be in the groove of the clamp before starting to tighten.

One of the most common mistakes made when installing this connection is to tighten the collar too tight, which can damage a part of the connection. It is important to remember to let the gasket do its job and create a tight, leak-free seal between the flanges without over-tightening the collar. Tightening too tightly can cause excessive pressure on the fitting and lead to bulging of the gasket. Tightening too tightly can, in the worst case, lead to damage to the connector or seals. In order not to cause too much pressure on the connector, which could lead to bulging of the seal, the collar should only be tightened to a suitable hand-tightness. Under- or over-tightening may lead to the accumulation of bacteria.


Tri Clamp Terminology

Tri-Clamp connectors are also sometimes referred to as Tri Clover connectors. However, Tri Clover is a well-known trademark/brand name, while Tri Clamp is the actual generic name for these connectors. However, the terms mean the same thing colloquially.

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Tri clamp connectors

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