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Cement hoses

Cement hoses are, for example, hoses used for pumping concrete. Concrete pumping is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to transport concrete. An important part of pumping concrete is choosing the right hose.

The hoses used with concrete are often made of various rubber materials, in addition to which strong steel braid may be used as reinforcement. Concrete hoses have a wide operating temperature range, high resistance to wear, long service life and a robust but flexible structure. 

When using cement hoses, it is good to remember that the hoses should be checked before use and worn or damaged hoses should not be used. The maximum pressure allowed for the concrete pump must be known and the hose used with it must withstand that pressure. In addition, concrete intended for a large hose size should not be pumped from a smaller hose size. This may contribute to the formation of blockages and bursting of the hose. By taking these things into account, the concrete hose will last a long time in use.