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Nail connectors

Nail connectors are reliable and versatile connectors for various applications. Nail connectors are used, for example, in applications using water, compressed air or steam.

The connection mechanism of claw connectors is different from screw connectors. To connect the connection, the connectors are pressed together so that their "claws", i.e. the locking hooks, are embedded in each other. After that, the connectors are twisted in opposite directions until the connection is tight. To disassemble the connection, the parts should be rotated in the opposite direction to when tightening. 

The advantages of nail connectors include their easy installation and removal. They can therefore also be used for temporary joints in temporary structures. They are very easy to attach to different systems.

Nail connectors are available in different sizes and made of different materials, so they are suitable for a wide range of applications. For example, nail connectors made of steel are a popular choice due to their durability. Nail connectors are also available with or without a hose reel. If choosing the right nail clip makes you think, we can help!