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DIN-food association

DIN food connectors are connectors commonly used in Finland and Europe, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and hygiene industries. DIN connectors are durable and help create a reliable connection. Their use contributes to keeping food clean and safe for consumption. 

Particularly precise regulations and standards apply to hoses and connectors used in the food industry. This also applies to DIN food connectors, which must meet special food safety requirements. This ensures that the connectors are completely clean and that they do not harm food. DIN connectors are made of food-friendly materials such as stainless steel, and their surface repels the growth of bacteria. 

Installation of DIN food connectors requires skill and knowledge. Make sure you install the connectors correctly and test them before use to make sure they work properly. This way you ensure the safety and durability of the connectors in the long term. DIN food connectors are also available in different sizes and types. If choosing the right connector makes you think, we will help!