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Consuming substances hoses

Hoses for consumables are hoses that can withstand abrasion or other materials that easily stress the hose. Consumables hoses minimize the friction caused by granular materials such as sand, grain or granulate and thus contribute to keeping the hose in good condition and usable for a long time. They are common, for example, in the plastic, chemical and food industries. 

Consumable hoses are typically made of soft materials so that small crystals do not damage the surface of the hose in the same way they would if it were a hose made of hard material. Wear-resistant plastic or rubber hoses are flexible and bendable. For example, Polyurethane hoses, which are often used with granulate, are flexible and can be shaped even in tight bends. In addition, they are light and easy to handle. 

Consumable hoses are designed with mechanical stress in mind. In particular, the durable inner rubber/material plays a key role in their use. However, there are different hoses for consumables for different materials. If choosing the right hose makes you think, we can help!