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Teflon hoses

Teflon hoses, i.e. PTFE hoses, are versatile and high-quality hoses that are widely used in various industrial applications. Teflon hoses are known for their excellent durability, and they have many advantages over, for example, rubber hoses. 

First, Teflon hoses have a very wide operating temperature range and hot temperature resistance, which makes them very suitable for use in high temperature environments such as process and chemical industries. Secondly, tEflon hoses have excellent chemical resistance when it comes to, for example, acids, solvents, detergents and alcohols. 

The flexibility and bendability of Teflon hoses, on the other hand, enable them to be easily installed and adapted to different situations. Other good properties of Teflon are a low coefficient of friction and good electrical insulation properties. It also has a surface that repels water and other substances. Thanks to these properties, Teflon hose can be used, for example, at high temperatures and in harsh weather conditions. Thanks to the low friction coefficient, the surface of the hose hears less and the hose lasts longer.

In summary, it can be stated that Teflon hoses are multi-purpose and high-quality hoses. A wide operating temperature range, chemical resistance, flexibility and many other factors favor the use of Teflon hoses. If choosing the right hose makes you think, contact us!