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Gas hoses

Gas hoses are hoses suitable for transporting gas. They play an important role in the efficient and safe transportation of gas in gas-using systems and applications. 

Gas hoses are often made of various durable rubber materials. The type of material to be used depends, among other things, on the gas to be conveyed. For example, acetylene is a flammable and fire sensitive gas used for welding. Acetylene reacts sensitively with certain heavy metals such as copper. Therefore, it is important that only hoses classified and suitable for acetylene are used with acetylene. 

The condition of the gas hoses is important and should be checked regularly. Hoses in poor condition cause a risk of gas leakage, and damaged hoses should be replaced immediately. Maintenance and replacement of gas hoses without visible damage should also be carried out regularly. 

If the choice, installation or maintenance of the hose is confusing, we will help!