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Steam hoses

Steam hoses are hoses used to transport steam. Steam hoses are widely used in various industrial processes. For example, food plants, refineries, paper mills, energy plants and chemical plants use steam as a heat source and steam pipes in these processes to move steam from one place to another.

The common material used in the manufacture of steam hose is EPDM rubber, which tolerates heat, steam, acids and bases, ozone and sunlight well. EPDM is known as non-crack rubber and compared to other rubber or plastic hoses, the advantage of EPDM hoses is that they are less likely to crack or break. It is therefore a good choice for demanding steam processes.

Steam hoses are exposed to extreme pressure, heat and stress, which is why it is of the utmost importance to handle them correctly. When choosing a steam hose, at least the operating pressure should be considered. Lower pressure resistant hoses are suitable for lighter use - higher pressure hoses for demanding applications. Taking this into account contributes to the prevention of damage and the long service life of the hose. In case of problems, it is also recommended to check the Steam Hoses regularly and service them if necessary.