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Chemical hoses for industrial requirements

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Chemical hoses

Chemical hoses are a key tool in industry for moving chemicals. When choosing chemical hoses, their material, intended use, environment, durability and connections must be considered. More common materials in chemical hoses are EPDM, UHMWP, PTFE, XLPE, which offer excellent chemical resistance and weather and corrosion resistance. Depending on the purpose of use, a hose is selected that can withstand the properties of the chemicals to be transferred. In addition, environmental factors, such as external weather conditions and UV radiation, affect the choice of hose. In terms of durability, it is important to choose a hose that can withstand demanding industrial operating conditions and mechanical damage. Connections and connectors are also an essential part of the functionality of the hoses and they must meet industry standards. Choosing the right chemical hose ensures safe and efficient transfer of chemicals, and if necessary, experts can help you make the right choice.