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Shrink tubing

Heat-shrinkable hose is a heat-shrinkable hose. Shrink hoses are sold in an expanded size, but when installed, they are returned to their original, smaller size with the help of heat.​​ Shrinking hose therefore seals around, for example, hose connection, wires, cables or other applications and thus protects them from damage. 

There are several benefits to using shrink tubing. They protect, for example, hoses, wires or cables from rubbing, cracking and wear. They also prevent oil, grease or chemicals from coming into contact with utility applications. In addition, they provide protection from other external factors, such as humidity, temperature fluctuations or the effect of UV radiation. 

Shrink tubing is available in transparent or different colors. A transparent or clear hose is a good option, especially when its intended use, for example a connection or a conductor, has a marking that you want to be legible even after the hose is installed. Shrink tubing is also available with or without glue. The inside of the adhesive shrink tubes has a layer of glue that melts under the influence of heat. Adhesive shrink tubing is in place when both mechanical durability and protection against corrosion and moisture are required. The glue helps to create a very dense layer.

The principle is that the shrink tubing should shrink smaller than the diameter of its application. A hose with a shrink ratio of 3:1 shrinks to a third of its expanded size. For example, a 30 mm sales size shrink tube shrinks to a size of 10 mm.  

Shrink tubing is therefore a very practical solution for many purposes. Their versatility and easy installation make them very popular among their users. They are available in different sizes and colors. If choosing the right shrink tube makes you think, we can help!