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Food hose

Food hoses are hoses used in food transport and distribution. They enable the safe and hygienic transportation of foodstuffs in the different stages of the manufacturing process. They are often in contact with food, so materials compatible with food must be used in their manufacture and special standards and regulations must be followed.

When choosing a food hose, it is good to take at least the following into account:

  1. Material: The material of the hose must be food grade. Food hoses are mostly made of various rubbers or plastics, such as EPDM rubber, silicone or PVC plastic.
  2. Purpose: The hose should be selected according to the material to be transported. For example, different hoses are used for transporting juices than for transporting oils or acids. 
  3. Operating temperature: The temperature range of the hoses is also important to consider, as the hoses must withstand different temperatures when transporting food. 
  4. Diameter: The diameter of the hoses must also be sufficient for transporting food.
  5. Standards: It is important to choose a hose that complies with food standards and regulations.

By taking these things into account, you can ensure that the food hose you choose meets your needs and that it is safe to use with food. If choosing the right food tube makes you think, we can help!