These contractual terms and conditions apply to the dimensions of the mittaletku.fi -an online store owned and operated by the Porvoon Mittaletku Oy (“Mittaletku”), 2037322-6, Teollisuustie 3, 06150 Porvoo

Online store account requires that you follow the online shop terms of the contract and meet their obligations under both the report you requested information fully and truthfully. The dimensions of the hose.fi-online store can shop 18-year-fulfilled person and entered in the trade register of companies. Product ordering does not require registration online store as a customer. Mittaletku reserves the right to accept or reject the online store account.

Using Mittaletku.fi online store, you accept these terms and agree to comply with them. Measuring hose has the right to change these terms by posting the modified agreement on the terms of e-commerce website. Check out current valid online shop terms and conditions of contract before the order is sent.

Mittaletku does not guarantee the online shop uninterrupted or error-free operation. Online store may be truncated. The dimensions of the hose does not match the online store use-related damages and losses, unless the applicable mandatory law.

Run a product status of the website in accordance with the instructions. Depending on the payment method company, person or entity identifier is reported to be always in connection with the order. After purchase of the product you will receive confirmation of the order to the email address you. The order confirmation will be notified mm. product price and shipping costs. Check the order confirmation carefully and make sure that the details are correct. If the order confirmation is some mistake, want to cancel your order prior to product delivery or otherwise to change the order, please immediately contact our customer service email address [email protected].

Mittaletku reserves the right to unilaterally terminate or restrict trade in products to be supplied, the number of, without compensation or restitution obligation, if the product is not available or the product demand exceeds the available number of products; or writing or calculation error due to the website for sale to the notified product price information or other information is essential and obvious error and that the customer should have realized when ordering. Measuring hose has the right to refuse the order if the customer's credit is in payment default entry or if the customer has previously failed to pay the ordered products. 

Payment terms
Payment is made upon ordering using the dimensions of the hose.fi-site use of the available payment options. If you are a new customer and you choose a delivery address other than your home address, the dimensions of the hose may require the product to the payment of the order.

Applicable delivery charges is presented in the online store at the checkout.

If you cancel the transaction or report, you were going to change a product, you must return the product you have received without delay and at the latest within 14 days of the cancellation/change message to the conclusion of. Please note that the return and exchange right does not apply to the customer's order-made special-made, embroidered and/or printed items of clothing, if it is not in us due to an error. 
Cancellation and change the approval condition is that the product is unused and that it will be returned in the original packaging with all original packaging materials.

If the consumer customer has received the product, he has to keep it essentially unchanged and undiminished recovery time. If the consumer customer, however the goods after the introduction withdraw from the contract, he must respond to it is impaired.
Write the reason for the return paper and put it in the reversion of the package on top. If you have a refund related questions please send an email to [email protected].

Packed to exchange/return the product well. If the product returned is faulty or incorrectly submitted, you will receive our customer service Postal customer returns number which must be written to return to the package clearly. In this case, the refund will not incur you cost. If it is a product for exchange to another size, color or model you answer the restoration costs.

Mark your return shipment the shipment id number and store it, until the refund is processed to the end. The number is required in any claim cases. We cannot accept returns cash on delivery or postage to be paid. Return the product to the address of the Porvoo dimensions hose Oy, Teollisuustie 3, 06150 Porvoo.

Companies send a credit note as soon as we have received the item or items back and processed the return. We return the money that you paid within 14 days of the cancellation/change the receipt of the notification, however, at the earliest, when the dimensions of the hose has received the product back or you have demonstrated sent the product back.

Please note that you are responsible for the return costs, reversing the trade or wish to exchange the product. If you return the package by using the dimensions of the hose returns the id will be deducted from the refund born postage refunded the total amount.

When a product is sent to us, we respond to the transportation risk. Once you receive the product you have seven (7) days to notify the product for damage in transit. If notification is made in cn. time limit, a notice transport damage is not accepted. Notwithstanding the above, the consumer customer shall notify the shipping damage within a reasonable time of its discovery, however, always within two months from when the consumer - client encountered an error. In the case of cancellation or change-based recovery, transfer the risk of the return made by the client.
Liability for defects
If the product is in error, please contact our customer service email address [email protected]. You get the same connection instructions, based on which you can send the incorrect product back free of charge. Claim a product is returned to the error after the detection of idle, the dimensions of the hose to. Image of the error carefully and mark it with a happy one, for example, adhesive tape.

Note! Send the product reclamation in connection with the product along with a copy of the invoice/item list/order number, so we can handle it quickly.

Claim the products must be returned as soon as possible error is detected. Mittaletku's error responsibility of the consumer to trade in is determined by the consumer protection act. Other than a consumer transaction in the dimensions of the hose liability for defects is determined by the trade according to the law, however, that the dimensions of the hose is not liable for consequential damages.

The dimensions of the tube is not responsible for the error, if the product defect or breakage is caused by accidents, product, improper handling, or other customer's responsibility to have the facts. If the product error is caused by the above mentioned point or declared error is not detected in the product at all, the dimensions of the hose has the right to charge the customer for return shipping.

The customer must notify the product of the error measure of the hose for a reasonable time after he found you the error. The error message can be done, however, always within two months from when the client detects an error. Consumer trade against the reclamation of the disagreement can be the consumer-the customer to transfer to the general consumer disputes board for resolution. The dimensions of the hose comply with the board's recommendations.

Mittaletku develops products continuously, and therefore sometimes the product ordered image may not match completely in the list you saw with the product. Your product is, however, the same mode of use. If you wish to return a product, you will of course be back as well as the product you paid money that the return postal fee. List of press in the context of, or in commercials, and other visual material occur in the image shown in color, you may sometimes slightly differ from the products, the actual colours.

Ordered product will be delivered to you normally within a week from order, unless the order confirmation states otherwise. You will be informed of delivery time confirmation of the order included, if you have informed us of your e-mail address. If any product is delayed, you may cancel a subscription.

Mittaletku uses local logistics enterprises to deliver the orders. Therefore, we must always be known by the street address and the recipient's phone number to the currently active transportation business is able to deliver products. Street address must always be given in full, for example, Isokatu 2 A 15 and a phone number in the form 0401234567. We can send the company address the package to a po box address.

Customer number
When you make a purchase from us, you automatically receive a customer number. It is marked on the invoice and order confirmation to. When you are always using the customer number dealings with us, you will help us to serve you better.

Client ids
Keep a log of the required customer ids carefully so that they do not have external control. You may be in force at the time only one set of ids. The dimensions of the hose does not match the client id of the misuse or loss of damage.

Please notify us of possible errors and changes in name and address data immediately. Also, make sure that your billing address, delivery address and reference code are correct.

The dimensions of the hose is the responsibility of the personal data processing, you, as a customer you provide to us. As part of our marketing, we analyse your purchase-related information, including personal information, as well as activity on social media, on our website and on our website. Thus, our marketing can be, in many cases, against just for you.

Analysoimiamme information may include for example, data from the last purchases. By purchasing one of our range of products, registering an account, subscribing to our list and/or by visiting the dimensions of the hose to the social media site, you consent to the above-described types of processing your personal data. You can ask for personal data, rectification or deletion by typing the matter to the address [email protected]. In addition, as a customer you also have the right, once a year, free of charge to get the dimensions of the hose for all of the information used to personal data. Perfect for under the personal data act file description data use, as well as their collection is readable description of file in.

The dimensions of the hose.fi-online store uses cookies. A cookie is a small e-commerce-business in the context of a web browser, saved to a text file, which allows e-commerce website of visitors to visitors monitoring. The use of cookies facilitate the general in the service of. In addition to the use of cookies enables a different combination of information on the network of trade customers. Cookies allow information to be collected is anonymous, but the data it is possible to connect the user to the received personal data and use targeted advertising to produce.

Intellectual property rights
Online store and its contents are the dimensions of the hose and its partners copyright and other intellectual property rights protected by the property that any unauthorized use or copying is prohibited. Intangible rights relating to disputes governed by Finnish law.

The dimensions of the tube is not responsible for damage or delays which are due to its empowerment outside the barriers, which it is not reasonably could have foreseen, or as a result of which it could not avoid. Force majeure is deemed mm. war, riot, industrial action, staff illness, import and export bans, disorders in the general data communication links, power cuts and disruption mail shipping or road transport. If the force majeure continues for more than a month, it is as well as the dimensions of the hose, the customer has the right to terminate the transaction without any compensation or delay penalties.