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Marine hoses

Marine hoses are hoses specially designed for marine use, which are used for various needs on ships and in maritime operations. They are designed to withstand the challenges caused by seawater and sea conditions, so they have good resistance to ozone, UV radiation and salt water.

Marine hoses can be made of various rubber and plastic materials, such as EPDM or NBR, and their choice depends on the purpose of use. For example, oil-resistant NBR or nitrile rubber is often used to transfer fuel or oil.

There are different types of marine hoses for different purposes. Odor-proof sanitary hoses, fuel and diesel fuel hoses, exhaust gas hoses, cooling water line hoses and boat air conditioning hoses each have their own purpose. 

Marine hoses are therefore important marine hoses. When choosing marine hoses, it is also good to take into account the various certificates and standards that confirm the quality and safety of the hoses. If choosing the right marine hose makes you think, we can help!