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Fire hoses

Fire hoses are high-pressure hoses used to carry water to extinguish a fire. Fire hoses are easy-to-use and quick-to-use hoses that are attached to, for example, a fire engine, a water pump or the building's water supply system. The fire hoses are very easy to use, because they only need to be attached to the water supply point and open the nozzle, after which they are ready for use.

Fire hoses are usually flat so that they can be stored easily and minimize space requirements. They consist of one or more layers of fabric impregnated with rubber, for example EPDM rubber or PVC. During transport, the hoses are mainly packed in hose reels.

The normal operating pressure of a fire hose usually varies between 8-20 bar, but the pressure must increase to 70 bar before the hose cracks. Fire hoses are resistant to abrasion and UV radiation. 

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