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Tri Clamp Food Clamps

Tri Clamp connectors are quick connectors used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and bio industries. They are easy and quick to install and especially to keep clean. The connectors are especially well suited to working environments with a demanding level of hygiene, and the Tri Clamp connection is therefore a very common connection model in food and beverage factories, such as breweries.

Due to the structure of the Tri Clamp connectors, there are no holes or gaps where, for example, food residues could easily remain, which could thus serve as breeding grounds for microbes. Thus, this type of connectors is very easy to clean, which makes them a good and practical option for the needs of industry that requires a high level of hygiene. 

Due to the quick connection, the connector is very easy and quick to install. The connectors are made to be cleaned without disassembling them, but due to the simple structure of the connectors, disassembly is also quick and effortless if necessary.

The Tri Clamp connection enables connecting parts of process lines of different sizes and equipped with different ends to each other. Its popularity in the food industry can be explained by the ease of keeping the connector clean and thus meeting the strict hygiene requirements of the food industry.