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SMS-food connectors

SMS food connectors are food connectors that meet high hygiene requirements. They are also designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures. In addition to the food industry, they are also used in, for example, the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and other industries that require a high level of hygiene.

SMS comes from the words Swedish Manufacturin Standrad. SMS connectors are also known as dairy connectors, as many breweries and dairies use these connectors. The inner surface of the joint is smooth, without gaps or holes, where food residues could easily accumulate, and is thus suitable for the needs of the food industry due to its structure.

SMS connectors are easy to use and easy to clean. Due to its compact design, the connection is suitable for use in, for example, permanently installed pipelines. However, the parts of the connectors are Heppo easy to separate from each other and are thus also suitable for use in processes that require parts to be separated from each other frequently. 

Choose this connector when you want an easy-to-use, reliable connector that meets the hygiene requirements of the food industry. If choosing the right connector causes difficulties, we will help!