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LNG and LPG hoses

LNG and LPG hoses are suitable for the safe and efficient transport of gas. LNG gas hoses are suitable for liquefied natural gas, and LPG hoses are suitable for liquid gas. 

The temperature of liquefied natural gas is below -163 °C, which sets strict requirements in the operating temperature range of the hose. The temperature of liquefied natural gas is too cold for most traditional hose materials, and therefore cryogenic hoses are used with liquefied natural gas, i.e. hoses suitable for temperatures below 150°C.

The temperature of liquid gas is higher than that of liquefied natural gas, and it does not demand as much from the cold-resistant properties of an LPG hose as LNG hoses. However, both LNG and LPG hoses can be used, for example, cryogenic composite hoses, which are pressure-resistant, tolerate very cold temperatures and have good chemical resistance and a long service life. 

Gas leaks have serious safety and environmental risks, so it is important that suitable, high-quality hoses are used with LNG and LPG that are inspected regularly. If choosing the right hose makes you think, we can help!