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Hydraulics | Hoses | Connectors | Nipples

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Hydraulic connectors, hydraulic hoses and nipples are important parts of the hydraulic system, and their selection must take into account the requirements of the application. It is important to choose the right components so that the hydraulic installation works efficiently and safely.

Hydraulic connectors are components that connect hydraulic hoses and other hydraulic components to each other. They are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the type of hydraulic installation they are used in. The most common hydraulic connectors are hose connectors and nipples.

Hydraulic hoses are pipes intended for moving liquid substances, which connect hydraulic fittings and components to each other. Hydraulic hoses are manufactured in different sizes and thicknesses, depending on what kind of pressure they can withstand and what kind of hydraulic installation they are used in.

The nipples used in hydraulic installations are necessary for attaching hydraulic hoses and connectors to each other. The nipples ensure that the hydraulic hoses and connectors stay in place and that they do not leak. The most common nipples used in hydraulic installations are threaded nipples and connectors.

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